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Middle School

This program meets the needs of students in the 12-13-year-old age group. Students take a rigorous academic program of mathematics, reading and writing, science, cultural studies, art, music, physical education, and foreign language studies. Technology usage is integrated within the curriculum at all levels. Qualified students may enroll in secondary mathematics and foreign language classes for graduation credit if appropriate.  

Two students are peeking their heads out of the bottom of a parachute

Relaxing during break time

Students spend time learning French every day

Small class sizesĀ 

What we love about QSI Djibouti

"I like geography because I get to learn about different places around the world. We get to swim twice a week and not many schools do that. I like music class because it makes me want to sing more and I get to practice my singing voice."   

-middle school student

At a Glance

11 YO

First page of the PDF file: Learningasan11-year-old

12 YO

First page of the PDF file: Learningasa12-year-old

13 YO

First page of the PDF file: Learningasa13-year-old