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QSI believes that all students can experience success in their learning including higher order thinking skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

QSI believes that success breeds success.

QSI believes that it is the school’s responsibility to provide the conditions for success.

This success oriented way of operating a school leads to optimum learning and to happy and motivated students. Using knowledge of educational research, these schools are student performance-based rather than ‘time-based’ or ‘calendar-based’. Teachers and students in QSI schools use time as a resource to reach mastery of clearly defined objectives (unit outcomes) rather than using time as a boundary condition to determine when learning begins and ends. Our teachers are expected to employ instructional practices of excellence, however the measure of success is not how well the teacher teaches, but how well the students learn.

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Did You Know?

QSI Djibouti teachers encourage students to grow as individuals through the daily application of the seven success orientations and are committed to teach students so that they are self confident, life long
learners, prepared to pursue their future in a global community.

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