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Welcome to QSI International School of Djibouti located in the Haramous area of Djibouti City.

I am proud to serve as the second director in a school serving students from preschool through secondary in an international setting. My commitment is to a positive school climate where students are academically challenged as they make connections between those high academic opportunities and everyday life.

QSI Djibouti provides a personalized learning experience to meet the individual needs of each of our students. With small class size, a standards based curriculum and dedicated staff members, our students are provided every opportunity for high levels of success. An American curriculum in Africa offers families an opportunity to experience the best of both continents.

We strive to help our students develop a keen sense of cultural understanding in addition to high academic outcomes. Success Orientations help students recognize and practice the traits of productive members of our society. As we daily practice kindness/politeness, aesthetic appreciation, group interaction, trustworthiness, independent endeavor, and responsibility, our student develop the personal habits to interact successfully with others.

If you are interested in providing a rich, thoughtful, educational experience for your child, please call to schedule a visit of the campus of QSI Djibouti International School.

Susan Kilby – Director

A close up image of a woman's face

Director of QSI Djibouti, Susan Kilby