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Faculty and Staff

QSI Djibouti Teachers

A woman is facing the camera wearing a purple hijab

Name: Uzma Abid

Currently Teaching: 3 and 4 Year Olds

From: India

Years of Experience: 5

Places Taught: India, Djibouti

A woman is smiling at the camera and standing in front of some leaves

Name:  Torre Derr

Currently Teaching: 5 and 6 Year Olds

From: Pennsylvania, USA

Years of Experience: 14 years (7th year with QSI)

Places Taught In: USA, Kazakhstan, China and Djibouti

A close up image of a woman

Name:  Ashlyn Anderson

Currently Teaching: 7 and 8 Year Olds

From: Oklahoma, USA

Years of Experience: 7

Places Taught In: Samoa, Qatar, China and Djibouti

A close up image of a woman wearing glasses

Name: Jennie Zarosinski

Currently Teaching: Math, Science, STEM Club, and Swimming Lessons

From: Washington, USA

Years of Experience: 8

Places Taught: Washington State and Djibouti

A close up image of a woman with a green top

Name: Susan Kilby

Currently Teaching: School Director and Teacher of Psychology, Geometry and Literacy

From: Kentucky, USA

Years of Experience: Higher Education - 4; Administration - 20;  Classroom - 10

Places Taught: Kentucky, Ukraine and Djibouti

QSI Djibouti teachers work hard to ensure each student receives individualized instruction. We are dedicated teachers who love working to provide quality education.